Become a supporter of the Saidia Kwale Foundation

In consultation with the communities of Kwale County, we will decide what your donation will best be spent on. Close co-operation with the local population is of the utmost importance. After all, they know best where the most help is needed. This also makes it clear to us where the priority lies regarding financing at that time. This gives priority to the most urgent projects, so your donation is always well spent. Click here if you want to read more about our working methods and how your donation is spent responsibly. Your donation to the Saidia Kwale Foundation could make you eligible for a tax benefit (in the Netherlands). Contact us for more information.

How can you support us?

There are three options to how you can support the Saidia Kwale Foundation and the inhabitants of Kwale County. This allows you to donate in a way that suits you best:

Option 1 - Become a friend

As a friend of the Saidia Kwale Foundation you are strongly involved in our foundation. Your monthly contribution ensures that we are able to structurally finance our projects. Together with the inhabitants of Kwale County, we determine where your support is most needed. Your monthly donations are therefore meant for current or upcoming projects. In this way you always are contributing to one or multiple of our projects.

Option 2 - Sponsor a project directly

We appreciate support, donations and donations from third parties in any form. If you are interested in one of our projects, you can choose to support this particular project directly. In this way you form a very important basis for realizing new projects in Kwale County. The board will cover the overhead costs such as travel and administration costs. This means that your donation will fully go to charity.

Option 3 - One-time donation

Do you feel connected to the goals of the Saidia Kwale Foundation? Every donation is very valuable to us. Even with a one-time donation you can make a difference in the life of the local community in Kwale. Your donation will be used on the project that is currently a priority. This way you can be sure that your donation is well spent.


Stichting Foundation Saidia Kwale

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