Sustainability, effectiveness and transparency

These are the core values of the Saidia Kwale Foundation. We strive to always provide sustainable support. We do this at all times in consultation with the local population. Your donation, which is ever welcome, should of course be spent correctly and responsibly. To ensure the quality of our development co-operation, we proceed as follows:

Visits to Kwale County

The board will regularly (at least twice a year) visit Kenya, Kwale County. The purpose of these visits is as follows.

  • To update of our overall policy
  • Validation of compliance with previously made agreements
  • Obtain status updates of current projects
  • To survey the effectiveness and necessity of any potential new projects
  • To transfer our management experience and skills to policy makers and local leaders who are in need of such knowledge
  • Implement projects approved by the board (for example: supervision of investment models and selection of local contractors)
  • Contact relevant authorities within Kenya to identify new projects 
  • Visiting the projects of other organizations (e.g. NGOs) that are important for the objectives of the Saidia Kwale Foundation

During each visit, we will spend sufficient time to consult with various people from the villages. Examples are members of school boards, local committees, the chief of the region (or the deputy). By doing so we get a clear picture of all involved and their interests. The Saidia Kwale Foundation is convinced that sustainable improvement can only be achieved under these conditions.

Prior to each visit, a board meeting will take place where the main ambitions of the upcoming visit are agreed. After each visit a report is made, which is discussed by the board. This visit report can of course be read on our website. The board discusses and approves investment proposals. Investments can only be agreed on if there is full coverage of the project budget.

The transfer of knowledge is a relevant component for achieving our objectives. The Saidia Kwale Foundation will therefore only start materializing a project if we are convinced that we and the stakeholders are in possession of the right knowledge, the necessary resources and adequate sources of labor. Also a good governance for on-going control ownership needs to be in place.

The travel and accommodation costs during these visits are provided by the board as a donation to the Saidia Kwale Foundation. All donations from our sponsors fully benefit our projects – making them tangible and visible to the people of Kwale County.


Saidia Kwale Foundation is grateful for all donations – big and small alike. Incidental gifts are always welcome. We would also like to call on the following parties to help us improve the living standards and self-reliance of the people of Kwale County:

  • Medium-sized and larger companies that feel connected to our mission and want to make a contribution based on social considerations;
  • Private donors who endorse our goals and are willing to contribute an amount of €500,- or more per year for a minimum of five years;
  • Societies such as the Lions Club International and Rotary International;
  • Larger foundations that need smaller foundations to actively manage projects in developing countries.

Different kinds of input

Every donation is welcome. However, not every donation has to be on a financial basis. It is certainly also possible to contribute to our goals in a different way. Do you have verifiable experience in areas such as development co-operation, water management, the agricultural sector, healthcare or other relevant fields? We would like to get in touch with you: your help is urgently needed and therefore more than welcome.

Stichting Foundation Saidia Kwale

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