Our goals

The Saidia Kwale Foundation aims to aid several poor communities in Kwale County, Kenya to achieve a better and more humane existence. We determine the priority of our aid in close consultation and co-operation with the local authorities and the population. This co-operation is essential to the increase self-sufficiency and a consequent structural success. Our projects range from healthcare, education, infrastructure, local economies and more. Read more about our projects and our current annual budget here


2020 targets


Our short-term priorities for Kasemeni are as follows:

  1. Getting a better understanding of the healthcare situation and what is needed to improve it. We aim to achieve this by December 2020.
  2. Obtain funds through donations to improve the quality and accessibility of clean drinking water.
  3. Tackling deferred maintenance, this depends on the available resources.

Our short-term priorities for Bang’a are as follows:

  1. Advised to us by the mayor, we will assess the healthcare situation in the village. This is, according to her, of utmost importance.
  2. Empowering the women’s group through training, founding small and privately owned businesses and improving funds for micro credits.
  3. The realization of the girls dormitory of the Bang’a Primary School.

Alongside the aforementioned sustainable aid to these villages, we will invest time in helping a group of twenty young adolescents in enrolling in higher education – or find a suitable career alternative.


The impact and duration of the global outbreak of Covid-19 has an impact on our ambitions for 2020. The extent of this impact case cannot be estimated at this time. We will inform you further in the near future.

Financial plan 2020

Donations from companies30000
Donations from private persons15000
Donations from foundations10000
Website design and build3000
Start up foundation (notary, etc.)1000
Admin costs250
Travel costs7500
Training materials1000
Reserves for 20212250


Project funding will only be pledged if sufficient resources are available. This is expected to result in limited reserves in the bank account. These reserves can never be classified as profit, as the efforts of the foundation are always entirely meant for the population of Kwale County. There is no profit motive. Board members are reimbursed for any reasonably incurred expenses. Other compensations do not apply. The donations of the Boardmembers are at least sufficient to cover overhead and international travel expenses. Your donation is in full available for selected projects in Kwale.

Our projects

View the projects that the Saidia Kwale Foundation undertakes in the villages of Bang'a and Kasemeni in Kwale County, Kenya:

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