The Saidia Kwale Foundation is always looking for those who are interested in helping us with realizing our projects and improving our efforts. We deem that our help must mean more than just sending financial aid to Kenya. Our efforts therefore go beyond classic ‘development aid’ – hence our preferred choice of words: development co-operation. The aid given by the Saidia Kwale Foundation is always in consultation with the population in Kwale County. After all, they are the ones who know where the most help is needed.

A different view, a new approach

Kwale County has received funds in the past from several foundations and individuals. Despite best intentions it has since become apparent that part of the aid given was insufficient or the money simply came into the wrong hands. Aid from third parties has since stopped due to of a lack of continuity. Previously built projects with financial aid have therefore become obsolete, worn out or derelict. We believe that development co-operation is never a single-serve panacea. Before we start a new project, we always spend sufficient time on setting up the appropriate governance structure to make the project an on-going success. Therefore, our financial aid is sustainable and on a regular basis. Proper management of funds is of the highest priority. By investing in education, infrastructure, healthcare and the training of skilled workers the Saidia Kwale Foundation supplies the population of Kwale County much needed, sustainable relief. By doing so we are enabling local communities to help themselves, and in turn make them less dependent on external support. 

Support the Saidia Kwale Foundation

Donating to the Saidia Kwale Foundation is, in principle, anonymous. Do you wish to have your donation mentioned on our website? That is possible, and if so, we would like to have contact with you. Our sponsors can trust that all donations in full will find their way to the intended party – the population of Kwale County. The Saidia Kwale Foundation is open to donations from individuals and businesses alike. The board always pays the overhead costs. To make our projects come to fruition, we contact local construction contractors ourselves – we do not work with middlemen. By doing so we keep our development co-operation as transparent as possible and we make sure that 100% of all donated funds are spent on our projects. 

Do you wish to help the Saidia Kwale Foundation with supporting the communities of the villages of Bang’a and Kasemeni? We would love to hear from you!

Our projects

View the projects that the Saidia Kwale Foundation undertakes in the villages of Bang'a and Kasemeni in Kwale County, Kenya:

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