Dirty water

Clean drinking water is by no means self-evident in many parts of Africa and Kwale County is no exception. Ten years ago, the residents of Kasemeni had a water tank built with the help of Dutch sympathizers. However, the contractor of this water tank has delivered substandard work and after a year the roof of the water tank already collapsed. The financial means are lacking to replace the roof with a good roof. Since then, the residents of Kasemeni have to walk several kilometers to a polluted lake to drink, cook and wash. The polluted lake is a hotbed of malaria mosquitoes and is therefore, unfortunately, a necessary evil. The Saidia Kwale Foundation is raising funds to replace the roof of the water tank. This will be built by a reliable contractor who will be selected in due course. With your donation, the Saidia Kwale Foundation and the residents of Kasemeni can provide clean and safe drinking water. Support the Saidia Kwale Foundation To replace the roof completely, an estimated € 10,000 is required. We would like to raise a glass to clean drinking water: would you like to make a toast?


Stichting Foundation Saidia Kwale

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