The Bang’a Primary School is the beacon of hope for many young minds in the poor Kinango region of Kwale County. The school provides fantastic education for children in an area where educated people are few and far between. The school is growing rapidly but is very outdated. The construction of a new administration building from which to effectively manage the school is of the highest priority. 

The heart of the school

The Bang’a Primary School is run by a team of local, committed teachers and administrators. They work hard and are good at what they do. However, they have to do much of their work from inside an old and dilapidated building. The current building functions simultaneously as storage and a library. The education and well-being of the children is of the utmost priority for the teaching team – but taking care of another is easier and more efficient when one’s own working environment is safe and clean.

A new administration building

That is why the Saidia Kwale Foundation aims to support the Bang’a Primary School in financing a new administration building. Every organization benefits from a good place where staff can work, meet and relax in peace. After all, the administration building is the core of the school, where the quality of education is guaranteed and all pupils are monitored. The new administration building also serves as storage for books, staff rooms, meeting rooms, libraries and reception areas for visitors. An amount of €25,000 is required to make the administration building a reality. We invest in the future of young minds – can the children of Bang’a count on your support?

Stichting Foundation Saidia Kwale

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