The Bang’a Primary School is the largest primary school in the vicinity of Bang’a. More than 500 students go to school every day to receive their education. The school is outdated, the classes are too large and many lessons cannot take place when it rains outside. The Saidia Kwale Foundation is committed to the construction of three new classrooms.


The school’s condition

On every visit to Kwale County, one thing repeatedly caught the eye of the founders and friends of the Saidia Kwale Foundation – the success of the Bang’a Primary School. The school board and the teachers have a warm heart for their students and believe in their mission: to improve the region through the education of their students. Despite the fact that compulsory education is not equally enforced in Kenya, this particular school has to deal with an increasing student number every year. This growth is positive, but does have an effect on the capacities of the school.


Three new classrooms

In the 2019-2020 school year, there were 570 students in the school, but only ten classrooms were available. This means that there are nearly sixty students per class – too many for a single teacher to be able to provide consistently differentiated education. The Kenyan Ministry of Education maintains a guideline of fifty students per class – which is why the Bang’a Primary School requests the support for the realization of three new classrooms, with proper equipment and furnishing.


The existing site of the school offers ample space to build these new classrooms. The school board has been promised by the Ministry of Education that sufficient teachers will be available in due course. To realize this project, The Saidia Kwale Foundation aims to raise an amount of €30,000. Can the children of the Bang’a Primary School rely on your help?

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