The Bang’a Primary School plays an important role for the girls of Kwale County. There are almost as many girls as boys present at the school, in a poor area where education for girls is not ubiquitous. The girls in class 8 currently sleep in a classroom without sanitary facilities. The Saidia Kwale Foundation raises funds to offer these girls a clean and safe place to sleep and live.

Boarding school: learning, living and sleeping

The Bang’a Primary School functions as a boarding school for all students in class 8. The need for boarding facilities are apparent, because in the past many students had to come from far every day – on foot, that is. The boarding school classes benefit greatly from spending the night at school because they have much more time for lessons, homework and playing with classmates.

However, the girls face many difficulties at school. Their dormitory functions as a classroom during the day and this has major implications for their hygiene and privacy. There are also no sanitary facilities in their dormitory – the toilet is more than three hundred meters away and there are no amenities for washing up. 

A new, safe place to sleep

All girls deserve the opportunity to learn and live life safely. To provide the girls in grade 8 of the Bang’A Primary School with the safety, privacy and adequate hygiene they need, The Saidia Kwale Foundation would like to support the Bang’a Primary School in acquiring funds and building a new dormitory. To be able to bring this project to fruitition, an estimated € 34,000 is required. Can the girls count on your support?

Stichting Foundation Saidia Kwale

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